Morgen_Kornblume’s self introduction

  • Written in somehow mixture of Chinese and English


Hi! I am Morgen_Kornblume, a newbie in Peking University. I would like to be called as Morgen.

I feel sorry that my English is so poor

My major : Not decided yet, maybe AI or Aerospace.

My tech stack: CPP (OI,CP), Haskell (on FP course), Python (Newbie), Agda(before course, and will be learnt within this term), Computer wardware assemble & fix (only theoritical knowledge and little practice)

My hobbies: ACGN (I’m extremely obssessed with that), KSP(Kerbal Space Program), Genshin Impact newbie, light novel (I’m a newbie in this field too).

Motto: Tech otakus save the world! (A copy from mihoyo ^_^)

About my name

Origin & Meaning

In my memory, I have been using this name for about 7 years (from 2023). I was a newbie in OI at that time, and I was preparing for the NOIP. I was thinking about a name for myself, that time, maybe I want the name ‘Morgan’, but I worngly spelled it as ‘Morgen’. Latter, I found that ‘Morgen’ is a German word, which means ‘morning’. I like this word, so I decided to use it as my name.

As for ‘Kornblume’, it is a German word too, which means ‘blue cornflower’. I like this flower, and was moved by its flower meaning —— ‘Happiness, brightness, meeting, gentleness’ , I love German culture, kornblume is Germany’s national flower, and think it is the ideal character of a DDR in dream. So I decided to use it as my family name.

Some plans

Light novel

Not decided yet, but I’m planning to write a light novel. I have some ideas, but I’m not sure whether I can finish it.

  • 《无业转生——到了非洲就要拿出真本事》

  • 《当国际歌响彻宇宙》

  • 《火箭院的远视主义贤者》

Sorry I can’t come up with a good translation for these names.


  • Haskell
  • Agda
  • Python
  • Web development
  • SQL

YPPF project

Position: Developer

I’m a newbie in YPPF project (Yuanpei College’s Intelligent System), hope I will learn and make some contributions to it.

Kerbal Space Program

I plan to make some videos about KSP.

You can watch them in my Bilibili account: Morgen是黎明的意思

I will try my best to add some mods into my game in order to optimize the experience.

Learning KSPR…

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